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Save thousands in yearly operating costs.


Save Thousands! Are you tired of paying thousands of dollars in natural gas or propane to heat your home? Ask today about geothermal heating that could save you thousands of dollars! We are IGSHPA certified which allows us to professionally install geothermal heating systems, thus increasing the efficiency of your heating system and saving you money.

    Tired of the fluctuating costs of propane to heat your home? An Air to Air heat pump can be a great addition to your heating system. Opperating costs are substantially lower and consistent through all seasons. We have over 30 years of experience repairing and installing heat pump units. Call today for a free inhome estimate.

          At Klimate Heating & Cooling, we do more than just repair and install your furnace or air conditioner. We offer professional duct design, which can increase the efficiency of your units and save you money. In turn this small change will increase the comfort of your home by equalizing the temperature throughout. No more cold and warm spots or different temperatures in different rooms.

            Save Thousands in operating costs

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            Cord Pond, Owner

            Cord has memories helping his dad in the family HVAC business as a young kid. He first started working for his dad at 16. Additionally he did 5 years as a journeyman sheetmetal worker. Cord, along with his wife Angela, launched Klimate Heating & Cooling in 2007.